Shared Email Folders/Labels for your Gmail and Google Apps

Shared Email Labels make collaborating on Projects, Customer Support and Sales super easy!
Also works on Outlook,, Thunderbird, iOS and Android.

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Shared Gmail Labels for your Team

Add a Gmail label to an email conversation in your inbox, and it appears with the same label in the inboxes of your colleagues within minutes!

Now just attach a label with a name like "Assigned to John" or "Pending", and everyone immediately knows whats going on.
Shared Gmail labels for collaboration
Easy Set-up: Shared labels in Gmail

Simple, Quick Set-up

Shared Labels are very easy to set up. Just enter the name of the label, tell who you want to share it with, and you're good to go! You can also use our browser extension to manage and create shared Shared Labels right from your inbox.

Shared Email Archive for useful emails

Use Shared Labels with GrexIt's Shared Email Archive to automatically create a Shared, Centralized Repository of useful emails. Your team will never lose an important email.
Shared Labels with Email Archival
GrexIt makes it very easy to share useful email conversations and create a shared mailbox for your company.Learn how Email Sharing with GrexIt's Shared Email Repository and Share Labels features can help your company collaborate better.