Keep your Windows XP PCs safe even after Microsoft ends support

Come April 8 2014 and Microsoft will be ending support for the rather long-in-the-tooth Windows XP operating system. First released in 2001, XP’s last major release (XP SP3) came out in 2008. Since then, it’s been …

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New in GrexIt: Task Notifications and Gmail Label Filters

If you have used GrexIt’s Shared Labels to assign tasks to your team-mates, we’re sure you’ve found the functionality to be very useful. To assign tasks to your team-mates with Shared Labels, …

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The best iOS and Android apps for Gmail power users

Gmail is easily the world’s most widely used Email service. And this popularity isn’t just limited to personal usage. On the contrary, with many businesses having switched over to Google Apps. …

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7 reasons you should use marketing automation software

The benefits of marketing automation software packages are two-fold: not only can they take care of time-consuming and menial tasks that you would otherwise have to plough through yourself, they can . …

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Productivity secrets, backed up by science: what does the data say about when we work best?

Are there any secrets to our human circadian rhythm that we can unlock to get more out of the day? We have been picking apart the science behind our body clocks to see if there were any secrets worth sharing. …

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The best apps to make your work commute more productive

Make a list of the things you wish you could change about your job, and the dreaded morning rush hour commute is probably going to sneak in somewhere near the top. Long or inconvenient work commutes aren’t . …

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Productivity tips from successful CEOs

The refrain “there just aren’t enough hours in the day” will be uttered across many desks and offices during the course of today — managing time and productivity levels in our busy, always-on culture is …

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5 Free Apps to View and Edit Documents On the Go

Gone are the days when need to carry around a laptop in order to view and edit important documents. In today’s world of mobile internet, it is easy to view and edit your documents through your mobile phone or tablet. …

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The best tools to manage your data across clouds

That the average small business uses a cloud service to enable collaboration and backup is pretty much a foregone conclusion. But what’s also rather common is the practice of using multiple cloud accounts to enable better sharing …

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How to get away from your Inbox and still keep your job

Despite being the most popular business communications tool (and by a rather wide margin), email has recently gotten a bad rap over a perception of being ‘intrusive’. For many people, frequent email notifications and reminders …

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